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Evelyn used to be quiet school girl who never tried to stand out. She never waited for anyone until that paticular guy, Tom, approached her as she was standing in front of the small stadium where her classmated played.
She didn't know him before. Yet he changed her life, completely.
His personality fit with hers in a very special way in which they completed each other, and than, created the very special chemistry which made them both change, and made the world around them flip upside down. All that was needed for them is to come together, and even without talking, they could feel their senses becoming vivid and supernatural. All things around were set only around them, and world existed only for them, changed for them, and than a completely new world was waiting for them.
They usually worked out their chemistry through talking. And as they talked, they were revealing numerous facts and truths and could understand the life differently, and see things differently, and comprehending their existence in paticular way. Gradually, they raised high up to the sky and flew towards, racing among each other, surpassing other kids their age. They became better than many, together they were achiving something else.
Than one day, Tom was gone.
Evelyin looked for him, but he was nowhere to be found. And than the horrifying truth was revealed - she discovered that he never truly existed in the first place. His flat belonged to different people, he never attanded a school he was assigned to. He was completely gone from this world.
Astounded and emptified, she proceeded through her days, blinded to the people and events. Waiting for his comeback, she fell into the state of long, glittering dream. She was dreaming about him every day, all the time. Her reality became abstract and blurry.
She was laying on a water surface of the large pool underneath sea and sun, deep in her thoughts of Tom, filled with longing in her heart. Out from here and there, different guys approached her in this water, they were smiling, they wanted to get closer because she was beautiful. But it meant only irritation to her and she moved away each time. After a while, she opened her eyes at last and stood up. The water was gone, and so all people who surrounded her.
A vast desert spread around Evelyin. And it was all that was left.
And this is when she heard her inner voice speaking: "Evelyn, look. You exist inside an empty world now. But hey, look closer at the sand. Don't you see the footsteps? Tom left them for you. He left all pattterns in your soul and showed you the way. You can walk forward now. This will not be easy because you've become a different person and shall suffer from loneliness. But you've grown so strong now. You can live on and gain hope."
And she followed his footsteps and walked into the future, hoping that maybe they still meet again someday, and fly again.


By Natalia Kh. 10/04/2010

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